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Navigation with SharinPix Deep Link and Universal Link

Deep links are URLs with a custom scheme following the format: sharinpix://upload?token=.... Universal links are URLs with the standard HTTP scheme and follow the format:

Both can be used to launch the SharinPix mobile app from other apps such as the Salesforce mobile app, the Salesforce Field Service app or any custom app or website.

Open a deep link or universal link within your application. This action should prompt the SharinPix mobile app to launch, as illustrated in the diagram provided below:


Usually when using the links, the SharinPix mobile app is launched instantly as explained above. You should not need to follow the below steps. However, if you do encounter difficulties, kindly ensure that the SharinPix app on your device is up to date. Issues may arise from using an outdated version of the SharinPix app or accessing the link from a browser's address bar. In such cases, please follow the steps below to open SharinPix.

If you encounter the popup displayed in the diagram below when using a deep link, select "Open" to launch the SharinPix mobile app.

In case you choose "Cancel", you can click the deep link again to open the prompt and then proceed to select "Open".

If you come across one of the popups depicted in the diagrams below when using a universal link, choose "Open" or "Allow" to initiate the SharinPix mobile app.

If you opt for "Cancel" or "Don't allow", you can click the universal link to open the prompt again and then proceed to select "Open" or "Allow".

If you haven't received any popups or selected "Cancel" or "Don't allow", you can utilize one of the two buttons in the image below to launch the SharinPix mobile app. We recommend the OPEN button at the top.

If you come across the popup shown in the diagram below when opening the universal link, it suggests that Sharinpix is not yet installed on your device.

To install SharinPix on your device, choose one of the links either App Store for iOS or Google PlayStore for Android as indicated in the diagram below.


For more information about where to find the SharinPix mobile app, refer to this article.


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