SharinPix Transformation - Flow

Creation of flow

This section demonstrates how to generate a URL of an image with a custom transformation in a flow that invokes the Apex Class sharinpix__TransformImage.

  • Create a new Flow on SharinPix Image creation.
  • Create a new variable and assign the record's  Image Public Id to it.
  • Add an Apex Action
  • Select Apex class sharinpix__TransformImage
  • Field API Name: Enter the API name of the field in which you want to save the URL. Example: sharinpix__Description__c.
  • Image Public ID: Enter the image's public ID.
  • Transformation JSON: Enter the transformation JSON. Example: "[{ "color": "#19354d","overlay": { "font_size": 65, "font_family": "Arial", "font_weight": "normal", "text": "FirstName LastName" }, "gravity": "north_west", "x": 425, "y": 210 }]".


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