Types of SharinPix Events

What are SharinPix Events ?

SharinPix Events are particular events which are emitted when a specific action is performed on a SharinPix Album.

Types of Events

Client-side Events

Client-side events refers to SharinPix events emitted and used within an in-browser context. 

Event Name
Trigger Action
Triggered for each new image added to an album.
Triggered when one or more images have already been added to an album.
Triggered for each image deleted from an album.
Triggered for each new tag applied to an image.
Triggered for each tag removed from an image.
Triggered when the Large View mode is activated.
Triggered when the Large View mode is deactivated.
Triggered for each image being selected.
Triggered for each annotation created and applied to an image.
Triggered whenever an action, which has been specified in the Apex Parameters, is executed.

Server-side Events

Server-side events refer to specific emitted events that either:
  • execute predefined Apex methods or,
  • make an HTTP POST request (Webhook) to predefined endpoints.
Event name Trigger Action
New Image
Triggered for each new image added to an album.
New publication
Triggered when a new Chatter Post is created through the SharinPix Chatter Component.
New provider reply
Triggered when an external service provides a response after being called.
New tag image
Triggered when a new tag is applied to an image.
Delete image
Triggered when an image is deleted from an album.
Delete tag image
Triggered when a Tag is deleted from an image.
Upload done
Triggered once all images have been uploaded.
Note that if more than 50 images are uploaded at once, multiple events will be sent, each with at most 50 images.
New Einstein prediction
Triggered when a request for an Einstein prediction has been made and a response obtained in return.