Using on Chatter


In this article, we will see the steps to integrate the SharinPix Album with the Salesforce Chatter Feed.

Add SharinPix Chatter Publisher Action

  • Go to Setup. Enter "Global Actions" in the Quick Find Box. 
  • Under Global Actions, select Publisher Layouts.
  • Click on the Edit as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Drag and Drop the action Share an Album onto the Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher. The Share an Album action is already included in the SharinPix Package.
  • Click on save when you are done.
  • Navigate to Salesforce Chatter. As it can be seen on the Chatter Publisher, the action Share an Album is present.

Note: If publisher action is not showing in chatter publisher on Salesforce, ensure Actions are enabled in Publisher:

  • Navigate to:  App Setup > Customize > Chatter > Settings

  • Check “Enable Actions in the Publisher”