SharinPix Abilities

What are SharinPix Image Abilities ?

SharinPix abilities are designations that can expand or restrict the features enabled on the SharinPix Album.

Where are SharinPix Abilities used ?

Find below a list of abilities and the features they enable.

1. see

The see ability allows the images on a SharinPix Album to be accessible and visible.

The screenshot below shows what happens when see is enabled on the SharinPix Album.

2. image_list

The image_list ability allows the SharinPix Album to display images for all users.

The screenshot below shows what happens when the image_list ability is enabled.

3. image_upload

The image_upload ability allows images to be added to the SharinPix Album.

The result on the SharinPix Album when image_upload is enabled.

4. image_tag

The image_tag ability allows images to be tagged with different labels.

The result on the SharinPix Album when the image_tag ability is enabled.

The result on the SharinPix Album when the image_tag ability is disabled.

5. Share

The Share ability allows the creation of a link that makes it possible for selected images to be shared publicly. For more information on how to use the Share feature, click here.

6. image_copy

The image_copy ability allows the user to select one or more images and copy them from one SharinPix Album and paste them onto another SharinPix Album.

7. image_duplicate

The ability image_duplicate makes an exact copy of a selected image.

8. image_annotate

The ability image_annotate allows the user to attach an annotation to a given image. The annotation can be a geometric shape, a free-hand sketch, or even a sticker, etc..

9. image_rotate

The image_rotate ability enables the user to rotate the image in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

10. image_crop

The image_crop ability enables the user to crop out any part of a given image.

11. image_download

The image_download ability enables the user to download a given image on his/her own device.

12. image_delete

The image_delete ability enables the user to delete an image or multiple images from the SharinPix Album.

13. image_caption

The image_caption ability enables the user to add a Title and Description to an image.

14. annotation_toggle

The annotation_toggle ability enables the user to toggle the visibility of the annotations which are already present on the given image.

15. color_adjustment

The color_adjustment ability enables the user to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image.

Behavior abilities

Some abilities also permit changing the behavior of the SharinPix Album, such as sorting.

With  Sort you can use these 2 parameters:

  • field- corresponds to the date used to sort the images of the search results. It takes two values:
    • created_at - It is the date on which the image has been uploaded to SharinPix.
    • date_taken - It is the date on which the photo has been captured by a device.
  • order  - corresponds to the order in which the images appear in the search results. it takes these values:
    • asc - The images appear from the least recent to the most recent(based on the date defined in field)
    • desc - The images appear from the most recent to the least recent(based on the date defined in field)

You can use this as an example in a inline VF Page with this code to force the sort to be ascending and depending on the date on which the photo has been captured by the camera:

<SharinPix:SharinPix height="500px" 
                            'Id': '{!CASESAFEID($CurrentPage.parameters.Id)}',
                            '{! CASESAFEID($currentPage.parameters.Id) }':{
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Generate SharinPix abilities automatically

 The SharinPix Code Generator offers a quick and easy user interface to select the different SharinPix Abilities and generate the corresponding Code to be used in:

  • Canvas App
  • Visualforce Component
  • Apex Custom Controller
  • Lightning Component
  • SharinPix Permission

Where do we find the Standard Album Function? What I have that says this, doesn't look like this.

From the Standard album function section, select the SharinPix Abilities you want to enable on the SharinPix Album. 

  • Default: the default value is automatically assigned for each SharinPix Ability.
  • Yes  for All options: Enable all SharinPix Abilities.
  • No for All options: Disable all SharinPix Abilities.
  • Select Default/Yes/No for each SharinPix Ability to assign its default value or enable/disable it accordingly.

The screenshot below describes the Standard album function section:

After selecting the value for each SharinPix ability, the automatically-generated code for each component is shown in the following samples:


Visualforce Component

SharinPix with Apex Custom Controller

Lightning Component

Date Format

If Empty, no dates are displayed on the thumbnail.

If not empty, the date is displayed (depending on the field used for sorting, the date could be either date taken or date uploaded).

More information about date formats can be found here.


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