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Using on Lightning with "SharinPix Album with Chatter" Lightning Component

The present article will demonstrate how it is possible to use the SharinPix Album with Chatter component.


The SharinPix Album with Chatter component was previously named SharinPix with Chatter.

  • Access the record page of any Salesforce Object. In this case, it is Account.
  • The "SharinPix with Chatter" component can be found in the Lightning App Builder under the Custom - Managed section  as shown in the screenshot below. 

The SharinPix Album with Chatter component consists of two elements:

  • The SharinPix Album
  • The Preview Pane 
  • Access the Large View of an image by clicking on its thumbnail.
  • It can be witnessed that when the Large View mode is activated, the Preview Pane reacts accordingly and indicates that the current image has no Chatter Posts.

Create Chatter Post for an annotation

  • It is possible to create a Chatter Post which is related to a specific annotation.
  • Activate annotation mode as shown below.
  • Create a new annotation.
  • Select the newly-created annotation by clicking on it.
  • As illustrated in the screenshot below, upon selecting the annotation, the preview pane indicates that this annotation has no Chatter Posts.
  • Click on the Start a discussion button to create a Chatter Post which is directly related to the currently-selected annotation. 
  • It is now possible to share an update or create a post about the selected annotation.

Chatter Feed

  • It should also be mentioned that new post about the newly-created annotation is displayed as well on the Chatter Feed.