Using Collage on Search Component

The Collage ability enables combining two images from a SharinPix Search component into a new image, uploaded to the SharinPix Album. The album to which the new collage will be uploaded will be the album for the record page on which the Search component is being used.

Create Permission to enable Collage ability

Go to SharinPix Permission from the App Launcher, create new permission, select Search, and enable the collage ability as shown below:

Add Permission to Search Component

Add the SharinPix Permission Name or Id you created in the component search parameters as shown below:


The picture below depicts a SharinPix Search component.

Start by selecting two images. The Collage feature should be enabled after the selection as depicted below:

Click on the button 'Create collage' to start the collage:

Click on the save button to save the collage on the SharinPix Album. At this point, users can adjust, zoom in or out the images in the collage:


This feature also saves the collage in a SharinPix Album component. Therefore, to synchronize your images, you must enable image sync on SharinPix Search component.


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