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Using SharinPix deeplink to launch a PDF from Salesforce mobile


For such implementation, please ensure that you have a PDF document which:

  • Does not consist of features that require being online
  • Utilizes either embedded fonts or the following standard fonts: Courier, Courier-Bold, Courier-BoldOblique, Courier-Oblique, Helvetica, Helvetica-Bold, Helvetica-BoldOblique, Helvetica-Oblique, Times-Roman, Times-Bold, Times-Italic, Times-BoldItalic, Symbol, ZapfDingbats.


Prior to configuring the deeplink, you should ensure that a SharinPix token is available for the record on which you intend to upload the PDF.

You can refer to the following article to set up an automation that will generate a SharinPix token upon creation of records if required:

SharinPix automatic token generation (Admin Friendly)

To launch a PDF from the Salesforce mobile app using SharinPix, the pdf parameter should be configured in the SharinPix deeplink. 

The general form of such deeplink is as follows: 

sharinpix://upload?token=<Your Token>&pdf=<Your Encoded PDF URL>

As indicated above, the pdf parameter takes as value an encoded version of the PDF URL. For example, if your PDF URL is, here is the encoded version to be used as the value for the pdf parameter:

Here is an example of the full deeplink:

sharinpix://upload?token=<Your Token>&

The Prefill Option

The prefill option is used to prefill the PDF text boxes. To enable this option, the parameter pv should be added, followed by the text box name. This parameter should store the encoded prefill value as shown below:

pvTextboxName=<Your Encoded Prefill Value>

The example below demonstrates a deeplink using the pdf parameter along with the prefill option:

sharinpix://upload?token=<Your Token>&pdf=<Your Encoded PDF URL>&pvSurname=John%20Doe

Enable and display the PDF values

The PDF values can be displayed on the SharinPix Image record corresponding to the submitted PDF as demonstrated below:


To enable and display the PDF values, follow the steps below:

  • From Setup, search for Custom Metadata Types
  • Click on Manage Records next to SharinPix Bypass
  • Then, click on the Edit button corresponding to the PdfValuesEnabled entry
  • On the SharinPix Bypass Edit page, check the Active checkbox
  • Next, go to the Object Manager tab and search for the SharinPix Image object
  • Go to the Page Layouts section and click on SharinPix Image Layout
  • Add the PDF Values field to the page layout:

Now that the PdfValuesEnabled option has been enabled, and the PDF values field added to the SharinPix Image object's page layout, after submitting PDF from the SharinPix mobile app, all the PDF values will be synced on the related SharinPix Image record. These values will be stored in a JSON format in the PdfValues__c field:

If the PDF contains field names corresponding to the SharinPix Image object's field API names within Salesforce, the fields are automatically filled with the value entered on the PDF as demonstrated below:


Corresponding field on Salesforce, (FieldName__c in our case) is automatically populated with the value entered on the PDF: