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Using Salesforce Search on SharinPix Image objects

The present article shows how it is possible to search for SharinPix Image records from the Salesforce user interface. 

It is assumed that SharinPix Image Sync has been activated and SharinPix Image records are present on the current org that you are using.

  • Go to Setup
  • Access the Object Manager
  • Go to the SharinPix Image object
  • On Details, click on Edit
  • Check the checkbox Allow Search as shown below.

Associate with Custom Tab

 NOTE: Custom object records are searchable in the Salesforce user interface only if the custom object is associated with a custom tab.

  • Create a Custom Object Tab for the SharinPix Image object.

Search SharinPix Images

After following the configurations as mentioned in the previous sections, you will now be able to search for SharinPix Image Records from the Salesforce user interface. It should be noted that the Record Name of SharinPix Image records follow the given format: SI-0000, SI-0001.​​​​

  • The screenshot below shows a search being performed.


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