Browser Download – right click menu

Tip: While the current article shows how to download an image from a SharinPix Album, the most preferred way to carry out this task is from the image's Full View mode. Refer to the following article to know more: Single Image download.

  • Access the Full View  mode of an image by clicking on its thumbnail.
  • Right-click on the current image and select Save image as... as shown below. 

Info: The option Save image as... may take a different name or can be absent altogether depending on the web browser you are currently using. 

Note SAVE IMAGE AS ONLY AVAILABLE  WITHOUT ANNOTATIONS: The Save as image menu option is only available when the image have no annotations on it. To get it back, use the show/hide annotation tool on the toolbar, then right click on the image without annotation.

Note SAVE AS IMAGE save WEBP at LOW RESOLUTION:The downloaded image obtained when using this method is of format webp and has a downgraded resolution as compared to the originally-uploaded image. To download the current image with its original format and resolution, please refer to the following article: Single Image download


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