Large View: Annotation – Stickers

Stickers are SVG files that you can add to your SharinPix organization to enhance the annotation with your own vector images.

Large view

  • Access the large view of an image by clicking on its thumbnail.

Editing mode

  • Click on the edit icon to activate editing mode.

Adding sticker to an image

  • Select the sticker icon.
  • Choose sticker.
  • Once chosen, it will be available on the image and can be moved around, resized or rotated.

Adding new stickers

Those SVG files need to be uploaded into the sticker album which you can find on the global settings of your Salesforce organization:

  • SharinPix Settings:
    •  Go to Administration Dashboard:
      •  Settings:
        • Editing organization

Note that SVG files need to be well-formed and include width and height values. Those files are text files, so don’t hesitate to add those values by yourself If necessary.


Sukanya Sunil Banekar

Can I use stickers in FSL mobile app via deeplink?

Azhar Beebeejaun

Hi Sukanya,

Sorry for the late reply - there was a problem with the comment notification system which has been fixed.
Stickers are not currently supported on the mobile app but it is on our roadmap. If this is really important, you can send an email to [email protected] and we can discuss further.


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