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Extended Setup - Customizing your SharinPix Global Settings

Go the Administration Dashboard

The Global Settings allow you to set specific permissions to everybody in your organization. First we'll walk through getting to the Global Settings, via the SharinPix Administration Dashboard. Then we'll check out some of the basic features that you can enable through the Global settings.

As described in Setup Steps - 2 - Open SharinPix Settings Tab and use "Go To Administration Dashboard" button.


You'll have to sign in again to authenticate your credentials

Click Settings Tab

Use Edit organisation button to change the settings

Example of the User Interface in the SharinPix Settings

You can click all the boxes here to give default access to all features to any user.

Later on, you may want to personalize this by giving specific access to some special users using SharinPix Abilities or SharinPix Permissions.

Hit Update Organization when done to save your modifications.


Standard features

Global Settings give users access to the settings below:

  • Add Button - for all users
  • Display Images from all Users
  • Add a tag function
  • Delete button


Adding tags to the photos

Add a tag Icon

Add a Tag

Create and Display Tags

Photo with Tags

In Full screen, all the tool icons are visible

  1. Tag or annotate
  2. Download
  3. Duplicate
  4. Rotate
  5. Flip vertical
  6. Flip horizontal
  7. Crop
  8. Color adjustment
  9. Edit
  10. Quality
  11. Information
  12. Exit

Edit Tools - have some fun here

  1. Erase
  2. Size of mark
  3. Color of mark
  4. Text box
  5. Marker
  6. Line
  7. Save
  8. Exit
  9.  Rectangle
  10.  Circle
  11.  Arrow
  12.  Double Arrow

The Menu Command section provides some options as depicted in the images below:

These options are available in the Thumbnail Menu as shown below:

For more information about how to access the Thumbnail Menu, refer to the following article: Thumbnail View - The menu

Album Images Sort

The Album Images Sort section provides options that can be used to apply sorting on the images found in an album.

Privacy Settings

The Privacy section permits you to set whether to ask the user to access the geolocation or not.


This section provides the following options: 

  • No image selection after upload 
    • By default, after the first upload to an album, all the images uploaded are selected. After applying the No images selection after upload options, the images will not be selected after the first upload.
  • Download zip
    • The Download zip option enables the user to download the images in a zip file.
  • Salesforce field on sObject SharinPixImage__c with custom image filename for zip download
    • This parameter allows us to download the image with a custom filename. The value of the custom filename should be stored in a Salesforce field on the SharinPixImage__c sObject. 
    • The Salesforce field API name should then be used as the value for the parameter download_custom_filename, for example: download_custom_filename: 'CustomFilename__c', where CustomFilename__c refers to the API name of the Salesforce field storing the value for the custom filename.
  •  Autosave annotations
    • By default, the save button has to be clicked to save annotations on the image. After applying the Autosave annotations option, annotations are saved automatically as they are added.
  •  Handle to duplicate annotations
    • The Handle to duplicate annotations allows duplication of an annotation.
  •  Zoom slider
    • The Zoom slider provides a slider to zoom in and zoom out of the image.
  • Image color adjustment
    • The Image color adjustment option enables the color_adjustment ability which allows the user to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation.


Global Settings allow the system administrators to choose which features to be made available for every organizational user by default. After that, you can restrict "who sees what" using SharinPix Permission records or SharinPix Permission Parameters.


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