SharinPix Mobile App: How it works

The present article gives an overview of how the SharinPix Offline Mobile application works and what makes it an ideal companion when taking pictures on the field.

Connected to Salesforce

  • Every picture you take with the SharinPix Mobile App is uploaded to the corresponding album/record in Salesforce.
  • You just need to navigate to the Salesforce record of your choice and open the SharinPix mobile app from there using any integration listed below

Offline mode

  • Pictures can be taken while the device is offline.
  • The images are then uploaded to Salesforce when a connection is re-established in background without any user interaction.

How to integrate SharinPix mobile App and Salesforce?

SharinPix mobile App needs to be integrated with any Salesforce or 3rd Party app to works.

This could be done using :

- SharinPix Mobile Launcher Lightning Component (or Launcher as VF Component) when integrating with Salesforce mobile App

- App Extension on Salesforce Field Service mobile App

- Flow on Field Service mobile App

- Deeplink URL integration in any App


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