Setup SharinPix Image Sync

Creation of a lookup relationship field

Depending on the Object you want to use SharinPix Image Sync on, you must create a lookup relationship field on the SharinPix Image Object which links to the parent object. This demo will make use of the Contact object. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup then access Object Manager
  • Type image in the search bar, press Enter and click SharinPix Image 
  • On the left menu, click on Fields and Relationships and then click on New

For the new field:

  • Select Lookup Relationship as Data Type then click Next
  • For the field Related To, select Contact then click Next
  • You will be directed to the page below:
  • The field Field Label will be auto-populated
  • Click anywhere outside the text box for the field Field Name to auto-populated it (in case it is not auto-populated already)
  • Leave the other fields as default
  • Proceed to the next steps and finally save the new relationship. 

When you take a look back at the Fields & Relationships section, you should see the new relationship displayed as shown in the figure below.

  • Copy the field name: Contact__c as we will need this in our next step.

Configure the custom metadata

This section demonstrates how to configure the SharinPix Image Sync custom metadata. 

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup and type metadata, then click on Custom Metadata Types
  • Select the Manage Records action next to the label SharinPix Sync Setting
  • Click on the button New to create a new record. You will be directed to the page below:
  • For the field Label, enter Image Sync on Contact 
  • The field SharinPix Sync Setting Name is an auto-populated field. Click anywhere outside its corresponding text box to auto-populate it.
  • For the field Parent Object Name, enter the object API name in our case it is Contact
  • For the field Parent Field Name, enter the field name of the lookup relationship field created in the previous section, that is Contact__c (Remember the field name we asked you to copy? You can now paste it here)
  • Click Save when done.


You should be careful when entering values for the fields Parent Object Name and Parent Field Name.

  • The field Parent Object Name refers to the object's API Name. In case you are using a custom object, you should ensure that the API name is correctly entered. For example, if you are using a custom object named My Custom Object, the value to be entered for the field Parent Object Name will be My_Custom_Object__c.
  • The field Parent Field Name on the other hand refers to the field name of the lookup relationship. You should ensure that the value entered for the field Parent Field Name matches the corresponding field name value in the lookup relationship. 

Assign SharinPix Image Sync Permission Set

Last but not least, to be sure your users have the right to create, edit, delete the SharinPix Image record through SharinPix Image Sync, you should assign them the "SharinPix Image Sync Permission" from Permission Sets  in the Setup.


To be able to use SharinPix Image Sync on a SharinPix component, you should activate the Image Sync on the same component. In case you haven't perform this step yet, you can refer to the following articles to do so:


Image Sync is checked by default for all components using this feature. 


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