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Basic Setup Steps - Start with SharinPix in 3 Steps

SharinPix is available on the AppExchange

Once installed on your org, you will have a few steps to follow to start using it.

You will find the description of each of those steps in this Getting Started Chapter.

Install SharinPix from the App Exchange

Navigate to our AppExchange page by click here.

Click Get it Now and follow the prompts

Basic Setup Steps

You are few steps away from your first usage of SharinPix.

Those steps are:

1) Configure the Salesforce usage of SharinPix

2) Register your Salesforce organisation to SharinPix

3) Set up SharinPix for  Classic / Lightning / Salesforce Mobile App

Extended Setup

Once you've finished the Basic setup, you can access the Global Settings to expand the features your users can work with:


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