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Basic Setup Steps - Start with SharinPix in 3 Steps

SharinPix is available on the AppExchange.

Once installed on your org, you will have a few steps to follow to start using it.

You will find the description of each of those steps in this Getting Started Chapter.

Install SharinPix from the App Exchange

  • Navigate to our AppExchange page by clicking here.
  • Log in with your production credentials
  • Click the button Get it Now
  • Choose to install on Production or Sandbox
  • Click on the button Confirm and Install
  • Choose which user can access SharinPix
  • Click the button Install

Basic Setup Steps

You are few steps away from your first usage of SharinPix.

Those steps are:

1) Configure the Salesforce usage of SharinPix

2) Register your Salesforce organisation to SharinPix

3) Set up SharinPix for  Classic / Lightning / Salesforce Mobile App

Extended Setup

Once you've finished the Basic setup, you can access the Global Settings to expand the features your users can work with:


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