SharinPix mobile App - Settings Screen

The SharinPix mobile App have a Settings Screen which can be reached from the Home screen using the gear icon on the top right of the screen

In this screen you can use:

In this screen you can use:

- the Clock icon on the top right of your screen to access to history of jobs/batchs/pictures on your device

- The Device ID: when reaching Support to help SharinPix Support team to identify your device and the logs attached to it

- Send feedback button : to report a bug (please enter your email and some information about the bug to report then)

- Delete synchronised jobs : to delete all images already fully uploaded to Salesforce. This can be done at any time without any risks as a copy of those pictures exist on SharinPix servers already.

- Delete all jobs : to delete all the data from the device (including the images not uploaded yet ) DO NOT USE THIS UNTIL IT WAS REQUIRE BY YOUR ADMIN OR SHARINPIX SUPPORT

Delete all jobs is quite the same as uninstall the app and reinstall it. All the image taken will be lost regardless the fact it was uploaded or not to SharinPix yet.


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