SharinPix Mobile App: Settings Screen

The SharinPix mobile app has a Settings screen accessible from the app's Home screen using the gear icon on the top right:

The Settings screen includes:

  • The Clock icon on the top right is used to access to the history of jobs/batches/pictures on your device.
  • The Device ID is an essential piece of information when reaching SharinPix Support for assistance or troubleshooting. The Device ID is used by the support team to identify the device and its corresponding logs.
  • The Send feedback button is used to send feedback or report bugs. Kindly also include your email and a brief description of the issue when reporting.
  • The Delete synchronized jobs button is used to delete all images uploaded to Salesforce. This can be done at any time without any risks as long as the upload to Salesforce has been completed since a copy of those images already exists on SharinPix servers.
  • The Delete all jobs are used to delete all the data from the device (including the images not yet uploaded). WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS OPTION UNLESS REQUIRED OR INSTRUCTED BY YOUR ADMIN OR SHARINPIX SUPPORT.


All data within the SharinPix mobile app will be deleted, including media already uploaded, media being uploaded, and media pending upload. This applies only to a device’s local copy of images and documents. Any media files that have already been uploaded will still be available on your Salesforce.


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