What is SharinPix Image Sync?

Image Sync is a SharinPix functionality that allows the user to automatically extract useful data from an image when it is uploaded on the SharinPix Album of an object.

These useful data include:

  • Filename of image

  • Image Width

  • Image Height

  • Image Format

  • Tags on the image

  • URL of the original image

  • URL of the Thumbnail-sized image

  • URL of the Mini-sized image

  • A preview of the Image

  • Geolocation data embedded within the image

  • Date the image was uploaded

  • Date the image was taken

  • Exifs data embedded within the image

Discover here what is required to make SharinPix Image Sync available for your implementation.


Suhail Ayub

I have done all the required steps. But the sync does not work. Still shows 0 images

Karen Jean Baptiste

Hi Suhail,

We apologize for the late reply. There was a problem with the comment notification system.

You can check the following article which outlines the common image sync issues and their respective solutions:

If you are still facing problems regarding the sync after reviewing the solutions provided in the above article, you can send us an email at support@sharinpix.com for further assistance.

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