Search Thumbnail View - Sort

This article demonstrates how to sort images in a Search component using custom sorting based on the 

  • image's date_taken
  • Image's date_uploaded.


If the album contains more than 200 images, sorting cannot be performed.

Enabling sorting images using a SharinPix Permission

To sort images on Search Components, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new SharinPix Permission or edit an existing one (if applicable).
  2. On the SharinPix Permission record, in the sort section choose the sort field and Sort order.

       3. Click on the Save button when done.


  • The default Sorting field is 'Date_Uploaded' and Sorting Order is 'Descending'.
  • For more information on how to assign the SharinPix Permission to the Search component, refer to this article: SharinPix Permission object


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