SharinPix PDF Photo Field

This article demonstrates adding an image in a PDF using the SharinPix PDF Photo Field.

The SharinPix PDF  Photo Field allows mobile users to add images to a PDF on the SharinPix mobile app. This helps make the PDF more communicative.


Signing the PDF before capturing the photos using the photo fields will result in losing the signature.

We recommend that users sign the PDF after capturing the photos on the photo fields.


The below screenshot shows the first screen when you have uploaded a PDF.

Photo fields should be of type Text and the name should start with "sp_photo_".

For this example, we have clicked on "top view". Once you click on one of the text fields, the app redirects you to the camera screen. Once you have taken the image, a small icon upload will appear.

Once the image is uploaded you will be redirected to the PDF. The photo taken appears on the field previously selected.


You can replace the content of a photo field by selecting the field and capturing a new photo.

You can also click on the save icon, to save the work progress. Then, if you close the page and open it again, your image will still be on the PDF.

You can also delete all the progress work by clicking on the back arrow. A popup will appear where you can choose to continue working, Delete or Save & Exit.


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