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Overview of the SharinPix Administration Dashboard

The SharinPix Administration Dashboard provides access to advanced SharinPix settings.

To access the SharinPix Administration from your Organization:

  • Click on the App Launcher
  • Enter SharinPix Settings in the search bar and select SharinPix Settings
  • On the SharinPix Settings page, click on the Go to administration dashboard button
  • Upon clicking on the button, the SharinPix Administration will open in a new tab.

The SharinPix Administration provides several options that can be found in the top-bar menu. These are:

  • Dashboard : Simply takes the user to the Administration Dashboard.
  • User : Lists the users present in the Organization.
  • Albums :  Lists the albums available in the Organization.
  • Images : Displays the images uploaded in the Organization.
  • Publications : Lists the SharinPix with Chatter publications added in the Organization.

For more information about how to use SharinPix with Salesforce Chatter, refer to the following articles:

  • Imports : Lists all imports performed in the Organization.


  • Successful import logs are kept for a maximum of three months in our records.
  • All other import logs are kept for a maximum of 1 year in our records.
  • Webhooks : Displays the Webhooks available in the Organization.

For more information about SharinPix Webhooks, refer to the following article: SharinPix Webhooks

  • Providers : Displays information about the external providers that contributed to the Organization.
  • Tags : Displays the tags available in the Organization.
  • Tag Sets : Displays the tag sets created. Tag sets are used to store many tags at once.
  • Secrets: Allows the user to add secret keys to the Organization. The Secrets tab also provides a list of predefined SharinPix URLs that users can use.
  • Code Generator : Provides an interface that allows users to generate sample codes by manually applying settings to an album. It also previews the album based on the settings applied.
  • Search : Allows the user to search for particular images in the Organization.  
  • Settings : Allows the user to apply various settings on the Organization's albums.

For more information about the Settings tab, refer to the following article: 

Extended Setup - Customizing your SharinPix Global Settings


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