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Images on Salesforce Report and Views

To access SharinPix images in Salesforce report and Salesforce views you can either: 

To populate fields with images the easiest way is to use the SharinPix Tag Action feature.

When applying a tag, an URL field can be automatically updated with an URL specifying a version of the image. This URL value can be rendered in a Formula field which can then be used elsewhere in Salesforce, such as in Views, Reports, Emails or Documents.

Best Practice: you can rely on SharinPix Single Image to simplify the UI and the automation you need after uploads, including saving the Image in a field.

As an example 4 different Single Image Components can be used to upload different car views (such as front, back, right and left). Each Single Image can be associated with a specific tag value (respectfully front, back, right, left) and fields can be populated accordingly (example: front URL, back URL, right URL and left URL). For each view, those URLs can be rendered in Formula fields (front image, back image, right image and left image).

Then, you just have to use the formula fields in a view to get an overview of the image taken by line of report very easily. This of course requires the usage of Tag Action for each tag.


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