Large View: Annotation –Text

Large View

  • Access the large view of an image by clicking on its thumbnail.

Editing mode

  • Access the editing mode by clicking on the edit icon. 

Add text

  • Add text to an image by selecting the text icon.
  • Enter the desired content inside text box.
  • The text is now displayed on the image.
  • The text can be:
    • moved
    • rotated
    • resized

by using the handle.

Change text

  • The text content can be modified by double-clicking on it.

Change text color

  • Access the color palette by clicking the color-palette as shown below. 
  • Select the desired color by clicking on it. 
  • Enter a text.
  • The newly-inserted text is now colored as previously selected.

Delete text

  • A text can be deleted from the image by clicking on the trashbin icon.
  • Text is now removed.


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