Single Image Caption

This article demonstrates how to add an image caption (Title and Description) to a SharinPix Single Image component.


For the image caption to be displayed on the Single Image component, you should make sure that image_caption is enabled in the Standard album function section of SharinPix Global Settings as depicted below.

To add an image caption to a Single Image component, follow the steps below. 

  • Access the Title and Description input by clicking the caption icon as indicated below:
  • Enter the Title and Description in their corresponding fields and click on the blue check button to apply.
  • The caption (Title and Description) is available on the bottom left-hand side of the Single Image component.

You can also change the Title and Description :

  • Click on the footer where the caption is displayed.
  • Then, enter another Title and Description and save it as shown below.

Note: You can also disable the image caption on image upload. For this, you should have a SharinPix Permission assigned to you Single Image Component and then disable "Caption Images after upload" or you can do it from the Organization Settings (See the below image).


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