Your Salesforce Filters

Why Affix Filters ?

  • The affix filters can prove to be useful in the event you are using special album IDs on Objects, for instance, an object that contains two albums with Ids <ObjectID>_Req and <ObjectID>_Other to distinguish between images that are required and other images irrelevant images respectively, you may make use of the Affixes section to filter those images from the Search results.
  • Affixes are either prefixes or suffixes that are attached to Salesforce Object Ids retrieved from reports used for searching images. For instance, creating a prefix with value "User_" and using it in search will perform a search on IDs prefixed with it, i.e, "0030Y00000AKAUl" will become "User_0030Y00000AKAUl".
  • To create an affix:
    • In Salesforce Classic Experience: Go to Setup > Build > Develop > Custom Metadata Types
    • In Salesforce Lightning Experience: In the Quick Find box, enter Custom Metadata Types
  • Click on Manage Records, next to SharinPix Search Affix (as shown in the screenshot below).
  • Click on New to create a new prefix or suffix.
  • The Label field  is the text displayed on the SharinPix Image Search form; the Affix Type is whether the Affix Value entered should be prefixed (prepended) or suffixed (appended) to the ID. The Affix Type should either be "Prefix" or "Suffix". Affix Value is the actual value that is affixed to the ID; this will be used as is.
  • To set an initial value on the Search form, check or uncheck the Initial value on SharinPix Search form.
  • Set the Affix Value as required.
  • Click on Save when you are done.