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Basic Setup - Step 2 - Register your Salesforce organization to SharinPix

First of all, go to the SharinPix Settings Tab

If you are in Classic : Behind the + in the tab line (All Tabs) - SharinPix Settings

If you are in Lightning: AppLauncher - SharinPix Settings

In Lightning, click the waffle (The App Launcher - 9 Dots button under the Salesforce logo - (1) in the picture).

You can type Settings in the Search Bar (2) or find SharinPix Settings in the All Items list (3)

 at the bottom of the page by scrolling down.

Connect to SharinPix for the first time / Grant API access / Go to Admin Dashboard

This screen manages the connection between Salesforce and SharinPix.

The first line should be green, if not, click on the Reset button next to it. At this time your Salesforce organization is registered with SharinPix.

SharinPix needs the second line to turn green to have the right to update your Salesforce data on your behalf. To grant access to Salesforce, click on the Grant button next to "Sharinpix -> Salesforce full API access". 

Please note the following before granting the API access:

  • This action should be performed by a System Admin.
  • In case you're a third-party user having a temporary account, ensure that the grant access to Salesforce is performed by one of the client's active System Admin and not by a third-party user.
  • If the user who previously granted access to Salesforce is deactivated, this second line will be automatically deactivated and the API calls will not go through anymore. In this case, another active admin user should grant access to Salesforce by clicking the Grant button.


  1. The third line has been deprecated as Salesforce retired Einstein Vision.
  2. If the SharinPix Setting Page keeps loading:
    •  Verify on Session Settings if the Visualforce Cross-Origin Security Headerscheckboxes are disabled. To do so:
      1. Go to Setup -> Session Settings -> Tab Visualforce Cross-Origin Security Headers -> Uncheck both checkboxes.
      2. Then reload the SharinPix Setting Page.
      3. The checkboxes can be re-checked after all configurations from the SharinPix Setting page are completed.


The Go to administration dashboard button provides access to advanced SharinPix settings.

For more information about the SharinPix Administration Dashboard, refer to the following article: Overview of the SharinPix Administration Dashboard


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