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This article demonstrates how to use the Share feature to share pre-selected images outside of Salesforce using a public URL.


  • The richer SharinPix Share feature is recommended, as the Share Link is limited and may no longer be maintained. 

On the SharinPix dashboard's Organization page, there's a configuration that should only be modified as necessary.

Enable public access to shared images: Tick the checkbox before using the Share Link feature. This ensures proper image rendering on shared links for external users without Salesforce or SharinPix authentication. It does not apply to the SharinPix Share Lightning Web Component.

Follow the steps below to generate a public URL for the images using the Share feature.

  • On the SharinPix Album, select the desired images.
  • Click on the thumbnail menu.
  • Click on Share.
  • One the modal, click Copy Link to copy the generated public URL containing the selected images.
  • Check the Allow download option to allow users to download images when accessing the public URL.


If you see the following error on the modal: Contact your Salesforce administrator to enable the share feature on your organization. Kindly tick Enable public access to shared images on the SharinPix dashboard's Organization page.


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