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How to find SharinPix Secret Key?

Go to the administration dashboard:

  1. Click on the App Launcher from Salesforce.
  2. Enter SharinPix Settings in the search bar and select SharinPix Settings.
  3. On the SharinPix Settings page, click on the Go to administration dashboard button as shown below:
  1. Upon clicking on the button, the SharinPix Administration will open in a new tab.

The SharinPix Administration provides several options that can be found in the top bar menu. 

  1. Select Secrets from the top bar menu. (allows users to add secret keys to their Organization. The Secrets tab also provides a list of predefined SharinPix URLs that users can use).

  1. After selecting secrets, the secret created for the organization will be displayed. Click on view to open it.

  1. You can access the secret using the URL as shown below:


Only a System Admin can access the SharinPix Secret.


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