Release Notes - Q1 2020


  • SharinPix Mobile App : Camera screen crash
  • Drag and Drop broken on latest Chrome version
  • Drag and Drop not available over image selection
  • Annotation Arrow reversed


  • Component : Upload Button Support SharinPix Permission
  • Component : SharinPix Related Search
  • Component : mobile Launcher supported in flow
  • Component : SharinPix To Clipboard
  • Component : SharinPix To Rich Text available for Community
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Support Right Hand Side for Tablet users
  • Einstein Vision Labelling App : Show Probability in component
  • Component : SharinPix Album 
    • Show Add Button with image selection
    • Delete works for multiple images
    • Show File Size in Image infos
    • Tags listed in same order than listed in the token
    • Personal TrashBin per album with undelete
  • Annotation : Auto Save for Annotation
  • Annotation : Background Color to text in annotation
  • Zip : Filename can be personalized
  • NEW Enterprise PLAN with : 
    • PDF Generation Tool (Component To PDF / Component Rich Text To PDF)
    • Visit and Visit Report objects


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