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SharinPix component not working in Salesforce Site. What should I do?

If you are having the above error or an error such as 'List has no rows for assignment to SObject' while attempting to launch a Salesforce Site embedding SharinPix components such as SharinPix Album or SharinPix Webform component, here are some points that are worth checking:

  • First of all you should check if the issue is coming from the SharinPix component. To do so, comment the section containing the component in your Visualforce page, then, check if the error still persists on your Salesforce Site. If the error is still there, this means that the issue is not from the SharinPix component.
  • Secondly, you should check if the Site user (Guest user) has proper access to the SharinPix Apex classes associated with the SharinPix components. To ensure this, you simply need to assign the SharinPix permission set named SharinPix Lightning Components to the Site user. 
  • You should also verify that the Site user has proper access to the SharinPx objects (such as SharinPix Image or SharinPix Permission objects) used in your Salesforce Site. To do so,  follow the steps below ( Note: we will use the SharinPix Image object as an example here):
    • From the Site details page, click on Public Access Settings
    • Then, in the Custom Field-Level Security section, click on View located next to the entry for SharinPix Image as shown below:
  • Next, click on Edit and give access to SharinPix Image fields:
  • Click Save when done

You should also, ensure that the Site user has basic read and create access right to the SharinPix Image object. This can be verified in the Custom Object Permissions section of the Public Access Settings page itself as depicted below:

  • If the above points still do not resolve your issue, you can then give access to SharinPix objects to your Site users via the Salesforce Sharing Settings. This will give your Site users access to all SharinPix records (even the one they did not create) being used on your Salesforce site.

To give access to SharinPix objects using Sharing Settings, follow the steps below ( Note: we will use the SharinPix Permission object as an example here):

  • From Setup, search for Sharing Settings
  • From Sharing Settings, in the Organization-Wide Defaults, ensure that the following accesses are given to the SharinPix Permission object:
  • Next, in the Sharing Rules section, look for SharinPix Permission Sharing Rules
  • Click on New
  • Then, enter the required details as shown below:


In the above example, we used Name not equal as null as the criteria. As all SharinPix Permission records have a name, by doing so, the Guest user will have access to all SharinPix Permission records.

  • Click on Save when done

If you are still encountering issues when using SharinPix components on Salesforce Site after applying the above points, contact us using the following email address:


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