Release Notes - Q4 2022

Known Bug with correction

  • SharinPix Mobile App : Stop Camera from launching automatically
  • SharinPix Mobile App : iOS - Loader keep spinning when swiping down to cancel
  • SharinPix Single Image :  Image not showing on Salesforce App
  • SharinPix Single Image : Tag loading issue
  • SharinPix Map To Album : Webshot improvement
  • SharinPix Download Zip : Files not generating unique names


  • SharinPix Mobile App : New UI for Checklist
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Inclination
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Use volume button to take photo
  • SharinPix Mobile App :  Configurable Output Resolution Feature
  • SharinPix Album : New PDF Viewer
  • SharinPix TextOverlay : Add Radius to image
  • SharinPix Code Generator : Upload Accept


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