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Multiple Image download (ZIP) - make it available for your Album

This article demonstrates how to zip and download one or more images from the SharinPix Album.

Prerequisite: In order to make the download option available on the SharinPix Album, the download attribute should be set to true inside the SharinPix Abilities. You can check this Visualforce inline example for more details about the implementation.

  • Access an album.
  • Select multiple images.
  • From the Command Menu, select Download.
  • An actionable Download Zip button will appear,  that will download a zipped file of the selected images.

Visualforce inline Page example

For the zip button to be displayed, the download:true option should be placed before the list of abilities in the parameters as in the following code example:

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity"> 
 <sharinpix:SharinPix height="500px" 
         'Id': '{!CASESAFEID($CurrentPage.parameters.Id)}', 
         'download': true, 
         	{'Access': {
                'see':true }