Auto Tags

SharinPix allows you to add tags to your image automatically as soon as they are uploaded.  Auto-tag can be configured through these two main methods:

Auto-tag in Admin Dashboard

  • Access the Administration Dashboard of SharinPix.
  • Under Settings, select Edit Organization.
  • Under the Tags section, for “Auto-tag” select the tag to be applied by default on all newly uploaded images. Please note that tags that have the “public” attribute set to true do not appear on this list as these are used for sharing images outside of Salesforce.
  • Finally, click on Update Organization to save your changes.

If the auto_tag drop-down menu is empty, it may be because you have no tags available yet.

Auto-tag in SharinPix Parameters

This section will demonstrate how it is possible to define the auto-tags within the SharinPix Parameters and subsequently use them in SharinPix Album present on a Visualforce Page.

The code snippet below shows the auto-tag Sea being defined within the SharinPix Parameters in a Visualforce Page.

    <sharinpix:SharinPix parameters="{'abilities':{'{!CASESAFEID($CurrentPage.Parameters.Id)}':{'Tags':{'Land':{'fr':'Terre','en':'Land'},'Sea':{'fr':'Mer','en':'Sea'}},'Access':{'image_upload':true,'image_tag':true,'image_list':true,'see':true}},'tags':{'auto_tag':'Sea'}},'Id':'{!CASESAFEID($CurrentPage.Parameters.Id)}'}"/>

Auto-tag in token/url

The auto-tagging feature can also be enabled within the SharinPix Mobile App by appending the following parameters to the URL as shown in the example below: 

  • The parameter auto_tags takes as value(s) a label value that will be automatically assigned to all images in the SharinPix Album when the SharinPix Mobile App URL Launcher is used.
  • The values are separated by the vertical pipe symbol “|”. If auto_tags takes only one value, it is not required to use the symbol.

Note: The  semi-colon symbol ";" can also be used to separate the values of the auto tags.