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The SharinPix checklist feature provides a list of tags ready to be filled with images uploaded by users. When using this feature, if a tag is applied to the minimum number of images required, the associated tag entry turns from red to green on the checklist.

In order to access the checklist feature on the SharinPix mobile app, a deeplink can be used.

SharinPix uses deeplinks to launch the SharinPix app from other mobile apps such as the Salesforce mobile app or Salesforce Field Service (FSL) app.

For more information about the deeplink syntax, you can refer to the following article:

SharinPix mobile App : Deeplink syntax

Checklist configuration

To configure the checklist feature in a deeplink, the parameter checklist should be used. The value will then correspond to each tag entry, separated by the semicolon symbol (that is, by ;).

The example below demonstrates the checklist parameter with three tags (Front, Side and Back):


Using the above example, users are required to upload at least one image for each tag to complete the checklist.

Checklist configuration to cater for minimum number of images required

The checklist feature allows you to set a minimum number of images to be uploaded under each tag. The syntax here is two asterix symbols (that is, **) followed by the minimum number of images as demonstrated below:


Using the above checklist configuration, the users are required to upload at least three images under the tag, Front.


Using the above example, users are required to upload at least three images tagged with Front, at least two images tagged with Side and at least one image tagged with Back in order to complete the checklist.


You can still submit the captured images even if the checklist is not completed. The checklist feature is mainly used as a status and does not block submission when incomplete.


Now that you know how to configure the checklist parameter, let's see how it looks like on the SharinPix mobile app.

For this demo, we will use the following checklist configuration in our deeplink:


Once you select the deeplink, the SharinPix mobile app is launched and the checklist feature is displayed as follows:

Next, we will upload the required number of images for each tag:

Once all images have been captured, you should tap on the check button located at the bottom right corner to validate the checklist and submit the images.


  • If you attempt to submit the images before completion of the checklist, you will be prompted with a message asking of you wish to exit despite the missing tasks. This message can be personalized using the incomplete_checklist_alert_text parameter.
  • The tag entries on the checklist can be parameterized in such a way so that once the required number of images has been uploaded for a tag (that is, when the tag entry colour changes from red to green), the corresponding row is sent to the bottom of the list. For such configuration, you can make use of the checklist_order parameter.
  • The checklist page displays all images captured for each tag in the same job. So, you will still be able to see the existing images from previous sessions. Also, if you have added tags to some images before coming to the checklist page, those images will also appear if the tag is also present in the checklist. An example is provided below.
    1. Open the SharinPix mobile app with auto_tag=task1.
    2. Capture some images with this task1 tag.
    3. Then open the SharinPix mobile app again, but this time with checklist=task1;task2;task3. Here, you will notice that all images captured previously with the auto tag task1 are also displayed in the checklist as depicted below:


Sukanya Sunil Banekar


How we can add multiple tag for a single photo as a checklist.
e.g., Red;Green are the tags for a photo, however for checklist I would like to show only one row for Red and Green. Can we do that using checklist?

Karen Jean Baptiste

Hi Sukanya,

Our apologies for the late reply here.

We cannot show only one row for Red and Green.
However, you can use a combination of the checklist and tags parameters to display the same image under both tags. This can be done using a configuration similar to: checklist=Red;Green&tags=Green
Using the above configuration, when capturing an image under the Red tag using the checklist, the user will also have the option to apply the Green tag. The image captured will then be displayed under the Red and Green rows on the checklist page.

You can also make use of default tags and auto tags as well instead of the tags parameter. You will find more details on these parameters in this article:

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