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SharinPix Transformation - get your images watermarked!


This article assumes that SharinPix Image Sync has been activated. 

For more information on how to activate the SharinPix Image Sync feature, refer to the following article: Setup SharinPix Image Sync

To check first

Before going deeper on SharinPix Transformation capabilities, please check the basics of SharinPix Transformation (to resize images).

The parameters labeled with 1, and 3 are described in details in the SharinPix transformation basics.

Parameters labeled with 4 and 5 are dedicated to the watermark.

Specify the image to use as watermark - Image ID parameter

SharinPix watermarks work along Image Sync transformation and is based on SharinPix image used as static ressource.

This image should be uploaded in any SharinPix album first by an admin. From the SharinPix admin dashboard you'll be able to find the SharinPix image Id required to setup the watermark configuration.

To reach the SharinPix Administration Dashboard, use the SharinPix Settings tab and the button Go to Administration Dashboard.

Within the Image tab, you can access all the images and can find the SharinPix image ID.

This ID will then be used in the Image Id field on the SharinPix Transformation setting page (see parameter labeled with number in the previous screenshot).

Where to upload the image: Create a record which has a SharinPix album, upload the image there. You can delete the record and then jump on SharinPix Administration Dashboard Image tab to see it there.

Watermark Size and Opacity - Watermark Size parameter

The watermark process takes as parameter a size and an opacity.

The size can be expressed in percentage or pixels.

The opacity is a percentage value between 0 and 100.

This should be setup in the Watermark Size parameter from the SharinPix Transformation.

it should respect the following pattern :



100x100;px;40 : Watermark with width 100px and height 100px with opacity 40. 

30;%;60 : Watermark with size 30% of backdrop image with opacity 60. 

30x20;%;60 : Watermark with width 30% and height 20% of backdrop image with opacity 60.


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