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What is the difference between the LITE Plan, PRO Plan and ENTERPRISE Plan?

SharinPix pricing is coming with 3 different Plans for Salesforce User.

  • LITE Plan dedicated to Lite Image Usage:  Upload, View and Edit (limited)
  • PRO Plan dedicated to Professional Image Usage including Field Service integration, Salesforce Interaction and Automation
  • ENTERPRISE Plan with Advanced capabilities including  Field Maps and Forms as well as Working with PDF files

You can't have licenses on both plan on the same Salesforce organisation.


LITE plan includes features which permits the very basic of Uploading images, viewing basic image format and limited edition tool.

It includes : 

  • Unlimited Storage (for images upload by a user with a SharinPix licenses)
  • Album Component (Gallery with upload / thumbnail view / large view)
  • Single Image Component (upload and view single image)
  • Basic Image format  ( JPG PNG GIF BMP  )
  • Basic Annotation (limited to hand drawing, no personalisation)

Components are only available for Record Page Builder and Experience Cloud Page Builder.

For integration in Flow screen, Mobile Flow screen, Field Service Mobile Flow screen, your own personalised Components and invocable methods from Flows and Development, check the PRO Plan.

PRO Plan

PRO plan includes all options and features coming with the LITE Plan.

PRO plan is mandatory for any usage with Field Service integration.

It includes  the SharinPix mobile App support for Offline Experience (can be used as extension of Salesforce Field Service mobile App, Salesforce mobile App, CG Cloud Offline App or any other offline mobile App)

The features available only for PRO Plan are:

  • Offline experience with LWC
  • Interaction Components including 
  • Extended Image Format : CR2 PDF EPS PSD AI TIFF
  • Other format storage : store none image format (without rendering by SharinPix) 
  • Advanced Annotation : Comments, Personalised Stickers, Measurements, Legends, Sticky Notes
  • Download as Zip : extract from Album or Search Result  a zip file containing the selected images (zip file name and image file name could be personalized).
  • Tag and Search: Apply Personalized Tag on Pictures and Search for Pictures across records.
  • External Share ( Share Link, Smart Share, Public Images  )
  • Image as Salesforce Fields : Sync tagged image resized version as URL in Salesforce field
  • Image as Salesforce Record : extend your Salesforce with Image metadata and image contents available for your Salesforce process (document generation, views, reports, counting images, geolocation integrate with external system, external website )
  • Watermark : automate watermark on images at upload to time stamp or to relocate your photos  - automate watermark to protect images with your logo or information on it
  • Advanced Uploader : Upload Images directly from your webcam, from Image web search, from Social Media Search.
  • Generate PDF (Quick configurable Visit report including some fields from Saleforce and optimised image tables) 


ENTERPRISE  plan includes all options and features coming with the PRO and LITE Plan.

This plan is made to work with Field Maps and Forms as well as Working with PDF files


  • Areal view with screen shot, annotations and area calculation (from integrated Google Map)
  • Interactive Floor Plan with checkpoints and Annotations (from PDF plan- upload your PDF and start working on it to place remarks - designed to work on tablets and phones)
  • Mobile Scanner (snap to PDF - automatic edge detection for document)
  • Spilt, Merge and edit PDF files
  • Sign, Fill and takes pictures from PDF form (works offline on mobile)                     


  • Office Document viewer (view and search keyword in Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents)
  • Smart  Annotations for the field ( Quick mobile  measurement,  smart auto measurements, smart auto shape  )

More details about our Pricing can be found here


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