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How to report a bug on the SharinPix native mobile App

Access to the settings page

From SharinPix native mobile App menu, use the engine icon on the top right of the Job List screen to access the Settings Page.

Use the send feedback button

In the Settings Page, you can use the send feedback button.

This button will make you access to a modal dialog box where you can enter a description and your email.

This email will permit us to retrieve the information and make it related to the case you may have already raised.

This description will be saved with the complete status of your App on the server side. This will help the SharinPix team to analyse your problem in details and get back to you as soon as possible.

Screen Capture the Setting page

The Setting page contains to values which help us to understand the source of your problem:

- The Device ID

- The SharinPix mobile version

A screen capture sent to SharinPix support will help to get this sorted in the best timing.


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