Using on Lightning From a Record Page

In this section, we will dive deeper into adding the SharinPix Album component onto an Object's page.


The SharinPix Album component was previously name SharinPix.

1. Drag and Drop SharinPix Album onto the Record Page

This was covered in the Getting Started Section-- so if you haven't forgotten the steps, you can skip to Configure the SharinPix Album's parameters

To add SharinPix Album component to an object's layout, start on the record page where you want the album to appear. The example object to be used here is Account.

  1. Click on the Setup Icon.
  2. Select Edit Page.


3. From the Lightning Components list under the Custom - Managed section, select the SharinPix Album component. 

4. Drag and drop it onto the page. 

This won't work if you don't have My Domain enabled in your org. Here's the link to the video.

2. Configure the SharinPix Album's parameters

After dropping the SharinPix Album component on the desired region, you will be able to  configure its parameters from the right side panel.

The parameters:

5. AlbumId - specify an album id from which to display the images or leave it blank to use the current record id as its album id.

6. Height - Specify the height of the SharinPix component. The Minimum size allowed is 300.

7. Use Fullscreen Viewer Padding:  Enable or disable the ability to view an image in fullscreen.

8. Fullscreen Viewer Padding:  Add padding (CSS syntax) to avoid having hidden elements when alerts show. The default value is 90px 0 0 0.

9. Enable Action: Enable or disable Tag action.

10. Enable Image Sync: Enable or disable the Image Sync ability.

11. Custom permission Id: Corresponds to the SharinPix Permission record Id. 

12. Component ID: Corresponds to the Lighting Component ID of the current SharinPix Lightning Component. This identifier is used in conjunction JavaScript Events. For more detail, please feel free to contact us.


3. Tip : Add a custom tab to access the component quickly

Create a custom tab within the object's layout to easily access the SharinPix Album component.

  1. Select the region where you want to add the custom tab.
  2. Click on Add Tab.
  3. At Tab Label, select Custom.
  4. At Custom Tab Label, enter the value you want to label the custom tab.


5. Click on the newly-created custom Tab. In our case, it's labeled Photos.

6. Select the SharinPix Album component.

7. Drag and drop it on the region within the custom tab. 

8. The SharinPix Album component is now available within the custom tab.

9. Click Save when done.

10. You can start adding photos now!


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